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How To Create A School Library Podcast

I’ve been running a school library podcast for the past five years

The students are really involved with it and have taken it to whole new levels

I’m hoping to share some advice, things I’ve learned, and things that have worked and

I hope you find this useful in starting your own podcast in your library!

In our podcast, the students created the name (Booklings Chat), the intro music using their own instruments,

I love that this show is one hundred percent student made and operated

I fully recommend giving them this kind of control as it will be a lot of fun

I also strongly encourage them to come up with all of their own material, although I definitely

We are very lucky that we can have some authors visit the school throughout the year

It could be current events or events around the school or something else students involved are passionate

It will be more fun and easier to digest if you have a theme that runs through

This will take some planning and discussion with your teens, students, or library users

This can be tricky in both public and school libraries because people are busy and lots of

It will also give you and the teens something to look forward to doing

We don’t have a strict schedule because author visits aren’t on a schedule but that

Consistency is key and you’ll have a better product because of it

I think Audacity looks complicated when you first open it but it’s not hard to figure

There are also seemingly hundreds of different hosting sites out there

Other sites like Captivate and Transistor are also highly recommended

If you are regularly uploading podcasts, there will be a cost involved in all of them so

The site allows you to upload, edit, and schedule your shows in minutes

Whether you are in a public or school library, there are lots of ways to promote your

For example, we’ve created a display that contains the books by authors we’ve interviewed

If your library uses social media, you can create your own Twitter or Instagram or even TikTok

This seems like it should go without saying, but if you and the teens aren’t having