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How To Create A Long-Term Strategy

Another day spending countless hours searching for another opportunity

This happened to me for a while until I started researching all the kinds of writing opportunities

I thought I would have millions of views and tons of traffic

I had a website that was annually paid for and articles with not much ranking on search

I’m Jane, a 21-year-old, In-House SEO writer that works part-time

And what makes it worthwhile is that I now engage with publications, readers, and writers, making it

As an In-House SEO Writer, it is essential to focus on developing a structure that aligns with

My hours were cut due to budget cuts, and my expenses increased due to reduced hours and

Especially ones that help improve my skills as an In-House SEO Writer

I enjoy writing, but my job as an In-House SEO Writer wasn’t tailored towards the kind

In additionally, to being an In-House SEO Writer, I am also a freelancer

To grow as a writer strategically, I build long-term relationships with my employer, clients, and partnerships

As a freelancer on Medium, I write articles that I can send to clients and prospective clients

That is how I met John, the CEO of one of the top blogging companies

I went through a rigorous program called the Freelancer Accelerator program

Once again, the articles have built-in SEO optimization with the structure listed below:

As their freelancer, I aim to ensure that my clients’ SEO growth strategy helps improve their brands

These articles allow clients and their customers to share the one thing that brings them together — their

These articles help build discussion amongst clients, customers, business relationships, and future investors

It integrates current trending topics with their outcomes on clients’ brands

Understanding their customers’ interests provides insightful information for product or service development

It focuses on helping other writers create their brands and pursue strategic opportunities

Developing a writing career as an author isn’t easy, but with research, guidance, and support, it

Long-term strategy as an author while being In-House SEO Writer

It gives the perfect portfolio development strategy that allows strategic partnerships

Through this strategy as a writer, I am able to create a brand identity for clients that

It is important because it allows writers the chance to stand out from the rest of the

Authors are the kind of writers that defines unknown capabilities

Writers need to know the importance of brand identity; it allows the opportunity to reach readers that

Improving efficiency, developing new methods, or designing innovation, author-publication writing allows writers the opportunity to gain insightful

Steps I take to help myself and other authors develop author-publication writing careers with SEO optimization:

Once you know that you want to pursue writing as a career, invest in training

Before that great opportunity, I used to invest in various writing opportunities

Every day, writers can match their skills with various resources designed to increase growth, strategies, or monetization

Writing requires having additional tools that help enhance readers-supported content

It introduces authors to a new set of readers with similar interests in providing useful content such

If you want to start writing, consider choosing one field or industry you know and can excel

The opportunity to continue education with tuition paid in full and a way to integrate my website

This allowed me the opportunity to network and develop SEO strategies while documenting struggles and implementing solutions

Developing a writing career is not easy, and growth strategies as a writer are important

It is best to create a freelancer or author portfolio in an industry you’re interested in

For more information on how to grow as a writer and create a long-term strategy as a

Any questions you may have, feel free to leave a comment, and I will respond within 72 hours