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How to Build a Summer Writing Routine in 4 Simple

When the weather turns warmer and the days get longer, many of us start to daydream about

The first important part of setting useful and achievable summer writing goals is to have a big

Without a big-picture aim, you won’t have the necessary desire and dream through to see the

The type of big project you choose to pursue over the summer depends entirely upon the stage

If you dabble back and forth between different writing aims you will lose all your focus and

As Stephen King said in On Writing, reading regularly is just as important as regular writing practice

Once you’ve chosen your big picture writing project for the summer, it’s time to consider

Now that you know what your overall aim for your summer writing season is, it’s time

The first stage is to research both how long a comparable book happens to be in length,

You also know that the maximum word count you are capable of in a day is 1000

Let’s take things a step further and see the process of translating a big-picture aim into

Continuing the example we looked at above, a 30,000 word nonfiction book for a writer capable of writing 1000

Ideally, your daily writing sessions will occur at the same time each time

However, that might not be possible depending on your schedule and other life commitments

Put these in writing or on your calendar so you don’t end up missing out and

You might feel able to commit to 30 daily sessions where you hit 1000 words or need to break

You now have everything you need to break your overall writing target down into manageable big and

Let’s explore the other element you can’t overlook if you want to succeed

Setting writing goals is an essential part of achieving summer success

It’s also crucial to choose a writing environment that allows you to make the most of

If you’ve been writing for a long time, you may have a solid idea of what

Finding your most optimal way of working is one of the surest ways to achieve your summer

Inevitably, summer usually ends up being over before we even know it

If you hit your writing goals, or fall slightly short, don’t worry

So what’s the next step after it’s all said and done, after summer turns to

If you finished a whole project, congratulations! You can now think about the logistics of publishing, launching,

If you’re at this point, it may make sense to talk to one of our friends

No matter what you hope to write, or which stage of your writing journey you are at,