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How to Become A Paid Writer: 9 Great Career Options

When most people think about professional writers, they imagine someone in a cabin in the woods, typing

Not only are there a wide variety of career options, there are a wide variety of styles

You could be more creative, more professional, get to travel, work in your pajamas, or anything else

The possibilities for becoming a paid writer are truly endless

Keep in mind, even with all of these options there are different niches and paths you can

Finding ways to mix and match can also help you stand out as a writer as well

Let’s dive into each of the types of writing, how to know if they might be

With freelance writing, you’re pretty much able to get your foot in the door of any

You could also just choose to ride out the freelancing journey

That means, you’ll need to find clients, learn how to keep track of your own finances,

For the most part, you can be a freelance writer in almost any of the type of

That’s exciting, but you’ll also need to narrow down the options you want to try

You might also consider finding a niche or specialty so you can stand out from other freelance

Of course, you also have the option to do both, but you will want to keep both

Keep in mind, they both have their challenges but if you choose to run your own blog,

You’ll need to learn SEO, you’ll have to buy a domain and hosting, and you’

Nonfiction writing includes a wide variety of writing industries from journalism to nonfiction books

Essentially, nonfiction writing includes all writing that doesn’t have a fictional narrative

As you can imagine, this covers a lot of different industries and types of writing out there

If you want to get into nonfiction writing, you’ll have to love the art of research

If you want to get into fiction writing, you will need a creative mind and a story

You’ll have to write out your story and start putting it together piece by piece

Once you do that, you’ll need to either start finding a publishing company or choose to

Writing children’s stories might be a great fit for you if you have a creative mind

You will also need to either have some kind of artistic skills or pair up with someone

For anyone who loves to deep-dive into software, products, or services, technical writing might be a good

You will need to break down complex topics, such as how to install software on a computer,

To break into this type of writing, you’ll need to study technical manuals and possibly pick

You could do anything from poetry to short stories to even creative advertisements

You just need to know if you’d rather be a creative writer or a more professional

Proposal and grant writing is rewarding because you are often helping nonprofits raise money through grants

If you want to get into grant writing, one of the best ways to get your foot

If you have an interest in business, marketing, and psychology, you might succeed in the world of

Copywriting is also under this umbrella, as it’s persuasive writing with the goal of getting readers

Both of these types of writing will require you to understand marketing and buyer’s psychology

If you want to get into this type of writing, you will need to study marketing and

There are so many ways you can get started as a paid freelance writer and ultimately make

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