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How To Become A Literary Agent

If you want know how to become a literary agent, you have a great goal

Without literary agents, traditionally published authors would have an extremely difficult time getting published

If you are passionate about books, writing, interacting with others, and pitching projects you are passionate about,

There is a process you can follow to help you reach your goals, salary expectations, and of

When choosing to become a literary agent, it’s important to follow three core steps

There are quite a few steps between the conception of a book idea and its final publication

As an agent, it’s your job to understand these steps, be able to articulate them to

The more industry professionals you know, the higher your chances of engaging with the right writers, acquisitions

Attend writing conferences, join live webinars, create a Twitter account and join the #WritingCommunity, or reach out

Even if you are post high school or college, an internship can be a great way to

Just as when you start a new job, you are trained, when learning how to become an

Working with a senior agent allows you to see the behind-the-scenes of the process, take notes on

Most agents require about a 15% commission rate on the published works of their clients

Note that the commission rate will likely be higher for you if the work includes a language

This commission fee is one reason why it is crucial to take on a client list you

Ask yourself the following questions before taking on a writer:

The pathway to becoming an agent varies person to person, but there are a few key steps

If you want to make that 15% commission selling your client’s work, it’s important they are

Learn the difference between bad writing, good writing, and what makes writing truly great

Learn to pick up the difference between passive and active writing

Your client’s book proposal can make or break the possibility of a great book deal

As an agent, it will be your job to submit your client’s book proposal to an

Knowing what they enjoy, what they are looking for, and the genres a particular house accepts is

Additionally, knowing when to pitch is an important element of successful pitching

*(December is typically not the best time to pitch because most publishers wind down their acquisitions between

Instead, learn how to pitch boldly, know the worth of your client’s idea, and pitch it

Understand how to tread the line between being professional and personal, and learn the art of saying

If this article seemed a little overwhelming, don’t let it stop you from pursuing your dream

Rather than try to master each of the above steps, focus on one to educate yourself on

Learn what goes into a proposal, and maybe try writing one yourself

This will allow you to empathize with future clients while giving you concrete experience

The better you know how to complete the steps on your own, the more you can encourage

This is not something to take lightly, but neither is it something to let overwhelm you