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How Not To Take Hate Comments Personally

Disclaimer: The Trolls And Hate Mongers Are Losers With Capital ‘L’

Hate speech stings and the pain it causes is hard to shake off

What’s beyond me is how pointing out one’s physical traits or body shaming help to

If you’re a person who doesn’t shy away from putting their work or thoughts online

We live in a time where awareness posts garner more hate than real-life injustices happening right before

I wrote in journals, at the back of my work diaries, and my phone notes but never

When you put yourself out there, you toss yourself in public for a review

Most will scrutinize your thoughts and work objectively, but a lot gets personal within no time

Every now and then people would call me names for not seeing eye to eye with them

I'd find myself invested in how to reciprocate in the same coin

As much as I wanted to ignore it and move on, the pain it inflicted or the

It took a mindset shift and hard mental training to learn how to react to those comments

But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving

I have been there and I know the feeling: What will people think if I don't snap

(In reality, it just shows you got better things in life to tend to)

The feeling to correct someone on the internet is inevitable, I get that

The best way to vanquish your enemies on the internet? Ignore them

Most of them comment about things they have got no expertise in which is very ironic

Now think of it, would you lit it on being mean to someone online or preserve it

Successful people also get hate all the time but they decide not to succumb or let it

Though I try to give as much thought as possible before sharing my work or thoughts there's

I have taken the route of having a polite discourse with hate commentators but it’s of

For a precise period, I was a keyboard warrior who’d used sarcasm as a mode of

But then I had an epiphany, replying consumes my time and energy

The psychology of us; writers and content creators is not simple, it takes one hate comment to

While feedback is crucial to get better you might not like it always

“Can you try expanding on the topic? I’d like to know more about what you have

This is constructive criticism and it will help me improve and create content that resonates well with

In my case, I don’t even read such comments till the end and delete them

It’d be cool to be a keyboard warrior only if it were the cure for cancer

Sounds tough but is very liberating and takes practice to get there

Not caring sets you free and this is the only hack that works