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How I Wrote a 50k Word Novel in 1 Month (&

At the time, my friends and I were convinced a ghost was haunting our middle school

All I knew is that I wanted to write a ghost story, but had zero details

I always wanted to write a book, but I would get tripped up on the detail part

When I got older, I learned of a magical event known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

The second thing you have to decide is whether you’re going to pants or plan your

The planner likes to outline, brainstorm, and get all their ducks in a row

You may think that planning takes out some of the fun of writing

Planning your book out gives you a structure of what to write

It was my first time writing a book and I had no idea what to write about

Depending on how fast you type and how well you sort your ideas, this could take you

When I was writing my book, it took me about 30 minutes to write a thousand words

You have to figure out how long it’ll take you to type (or handwrite)

That’ll let you know how long you need to write to hit your goal and how

It’ll make it easier to sit down and execute once you’re there

There’s a whole host of challenges that come with writing a novel

I wanted to keep on theme, but when you’re bored it’s hard to fight the

The important part is getting the words out onto paper so that you have something

Editing will only make you lose the flow of what you’re writing and turn on your

When you’re writing, you want to explore your creativity in full

In the excitement of writing, I would rush things or not develop ideas well enough

Something very specific to the NaNoWriMo process is the week two blues

You still haven’t made significant progress in your book to be close to the end

Every day I sat down to write I would wonder how I would get through the session

I no longer worried about what I would put on the page because I was too busy

As I kept myself from editing, I reminded myself of the real goal

And I needed to have a first draft completed before I could do anything with it

It’s at this point I remind you: you have to block the time off if it’

I took days off from writing, and whenever I did I noticed a hitch in my storytelling

Especially because that meant I would have to double hours to make up for the missed words

At the time, my creative juices were fried and writing was difficult

If I had an idea of what I wanted to write, it would’ve been easier

With November coming up, people are gearing up to write their first or second novel

I’m planning it this time and I’m coming up with some juicy plots