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How Dynamic Shelving Can Change Your Library

This is a simple yet very effective concept and can help your library in many ways

There is evidence to suggest that having too much choice can be detrimental

This is reflected in the UK supermarket giant Tesco and their decision to reduce the number of

There can be parallels drawn to a school library and this decision by Tesco to reduce the

Then they are faced with nothing but row after row of spines that tell them absolutely nothing

In my opinion, dynamic shelving cannot exist without a good weeding policy

There’s no such thing as a neutral library, at least there shouldn’t be

Dynamic shelving means you are creating space on your library shelves for a lot of face out

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There are many reasons for this, one of them being that there is so much competition for

If a young user of a library comes in and doesn’t see something eye-catching or immediate,

The librarian’s job is there to guide them, yes, but it is much, much easier to

I use their skills to write reviews (see below) and to talk about great books, especially YA,

When you enter a bookshop, you’ll see that it’s laid out in a very specific

Libraries, often stretched for time themselves, have limited shelf space and even limited budget to bring in

That makes it difficult to “think like a bookshop,” but it is still worth mentioning

Another great display promotion I like to use are things that are called “shelf-talkers” which are simply

Often, seeing a decorated card sticking out of the book can entice them enough to start thumbing

Too much choice without a dedicated librarian on hand can have a detrimental effect

Using dynamic shelving by bringing great books to the forefront with well-written reviews and presented in a