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How Allison Larkin’s THE PEOPLE WE KEEP is

I’ve been reading all of my life, but I can probably only count on one hand

” No, I’m talking about when it feels like an author’s story and words have reached

Sure, one could argue I could be a bit biased against The People We Keep

I started reaching out to public figures I knew and loved, hoping they’d be interested in

When I first read The People We Keep last summer, it wasn’t hard to describe my

I developed such a profound personal connection to the novel, one I soon realized was because of

It’s a common literary trope, where a protagonist goes through a period of personal anguish only

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But in order to successfully implement the found family trope, as Larkin certainly does here, it’s

It’s the first time I’ve ever thought of getting older in a real way, where

There’s a new person waiting for me to catch up, and maybe she’s happy

Maybe it was the depression speaking, but as I got older, I had a sense that life

Perhaps it was just that I had trauma bonded with The People We Keep during a time

It served as a reminder that life didn’t actually stop altogether during the worst parts of

I was still living, and so was April, ready to live again whenever I felt like opening