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Here’s How I Get Back to Writing Even

But for the past few months, her condition had been deteriorating

As Amardeep Parmar rightly said, “work isn’t a different dimension

” When you lose a loved one, have your heart broken, get into an accident, or take some

Those are the times when you need to cut back and take some time off

Let alone go back to work — you have a hard time functioning as a human being

But the thing is, most of us don’t enjoy the luxury of putting away our job

After some time, there come the real-life consequences of trying to wait out the storm

So here, I’m sharing how I manage my writing schedule even when I’m not at

But it won’t get any better until you get back into action

” — Sandra Tsing Loh, Writer, actress, radio personality, and former professor of art at the University of California,

Don’t underestimate this tactic just because it sounds too easy

Not only will it help you get back in the groove but also provide you with enough

Or you might do things to give yourself an illusion of progress (without taking any meaningful action)

“If you don’t want to do something, make a deal with yourself to do at least

Chances are, you will keep typing away long after the initial time is up

You don’t have to take a millionaire CEO or a moderately successful blogger at face value

So you can stay productive while giving yourself enough space to recuperate

“I’ll tell you what the data told me that your friends won’t tell you, which

Most of the stuff that you agonize thinking about, they pay no attention to

” — James VandeHei, American journalist and co-founder and CEO of Axios

And these micro-breaks really work wonders especially when you are under stress and monotony

Then I do something entirely else, like listening to creepypasta or playing a quick round of Shadow

That’s how I prevent burnout, come out with better ideas, and finish what I start as

Countless people have either gone through, are still going through, or are about to go through the

On the other hand, you can help others by sharing your story and providing them with solutions

There’s a fine line between being authentic and being self-indulgent