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Have Critics Crushed Your Writing Confidence? Here’s How

Many new writers struggle to get started and it’s often not helped by the criticisms of

I’ve had more than my fair share of put downs and criticism over the years, but

There are ways of managing the situation if you find yourself surrounded by rejection emails and negativity

I’ve taken many long breaks on my journey towards a freelance writing career

Here are some tips to help you bat off those critics, while you’re trying to build

A Medium profile, showing off your stories is another way to display your skills

Show people your published work and this will encourage people to respect your writing as a serious

As a writer, it’s ever so easy to get distracted with other tasks and responsibilities, but

If you’re doing it part-time dedicate a part of your daytime or evening to your writing

Or that you need to generate X amount of work, or send five proposals, before you can

I personally enjoy a short walk every day to stretch my legs and get fresh air into

Get the balance right but don’t allow people to take advantage of the fact that you’

If your publishing ambitions are not taking off, all is not lost

If you enjoy writing for pleasure but can’t find a publisher, you can self-publish books, or

You don’t have to be earning a living as a writer to feel liberated as a

Besides, what begins as a modest blog, can develop into a solid fan base and a regular