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Good News! AI Says That AI Can’t Replace

If you don’t watch the news, read Medium articles, have shunned social media, and/or live

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant progress in a variety of language-related tasks, such as machine translation

However, it is currently not able to write at the same level as a human

One reason for this is that writing requires a deep understanding of language and the ability to

AI systems can also struggle with context and understanding the intended audience, which are important factors in

However, it is unlikely that AI will be able to fully replace the creativity and depth of

My never-shuts-up, judgemental Grammarly app was abnormally silent

On the bright side, AI says it won’t replace us! That’s good

For example, “This requires a level of creativity and nuance that AI systems have not yet achieved

It followed that up with “AI systems are constantly improving, and it is possible that they may

It is supposed to lack self-awareness, but somehow already knows where it is lacking

My question has now changed from can it write better than humans to: will it be humans

AI systems can be trained on large datasets of jokes and other humorous content, and can then

As a result, it is unlikely that AI systems will be able to consistently generate humor at

So the moral of this story seemingly is — if you want to stay career-safe from AI, work

Albeit you have to actually be funny because apparently, even AI can shoot jokes into the abyss