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Fun Hanukkah Books to Read Over the Holiday

Hanukkah starts December 18, and while it may be one of the better known Jewish holidays, at least

Hanukkah means “dedication,” and it refers to the rededication of the Holy Temple after it was reclaimed

” It’s a holiday that celebrates liberation and the refusal to assimilate, as well as the miracle

Each night we light one candle of the menorah until all of the candles are lit, banishing

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Instead, this year, her family takes a road trip to visit them! Showcasing Sephardic rep, the family

This early chapter book series is a fun series that follows Pinky Bloom, Brooklyn detective

In this book, an ancient Israeli coin is stolen from her synagogue

When Sara gets a huge golden dreidel from a mysterious guest at her family’s Hanukkah party,

This middle grade novel isn’t about Hanukkah per se, but it is about family, food, friends,

Sara and Elizabeth are very different: Sara is Pakistani American, and Elizabeth is white and Jewish

They’re taking a South Asian cooking class taught by Sara’s mom, and as they get

Structured over the course of a school year/Jewish year, this is a heartwarming story about an

This anthology of stories covers a variety of holidays, festivals, and Jewish life

With a diverse cast of characters in the stories, it tackles issues like dating, questions about identity,

This is another book that completely embodies Jewish joy, which we need more of in dark times —

But both of them are hesitant: Jules is still figuring out what it means that he’s

Jules is Jewish, so there is Jewish rep — but this is also a story about being true

This queer Jewish holiday romcom is everything you wanted, even if you didn’t know you wanted

Set during winter break — and yes, over Christmas — the book retains its Jewishness on every page

But as the two get to know each other, sparks fly — but is Shani ready? No matter

But he also writes about being a Black Jew, and the intersections of communities

He writes about tough conversations and thought-provoking topics, including discrimination, oppression, and belonging

He also looks at how people impact the food, but also how food impacts people

In this entertaining novel, six fathers meet daily at a TriBeCa coffee shop after dropping their kids

It’s a compelling look at parenthood, relationships, and friendship

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