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From Iron Man’s Jarvis to Terminator’s Skynet to Ex Machina’s Ava, AI is a

Most amazing of all, it can write code and build websites when prompted

Already, people are turning to the chatbot and publishing the replies online under their names

Many are worried that this spells the end of profitable writing since there is no way, any

No matter how insightful and engaging the text replies seem, most of the output falls under the

Unlike human writers, AI has not lived a human life and has no idea how the world

Sure, the AI might be able to process large amounts of data quickly and form an understanding

And by extension, because there is no way for an AI to live through a subjective experience

On the other hand, it is doubtful that any meaning can be attached to the supposition that

So if extrapolation from our own case is involved in the idea of what it is like

We cannot form more than a schematic conception of what it is like

In other words, writing is special because we are able to inject our own lived lives into

And that uniqueness translates into innovative and unpredictable insights that we include in our writing

What this formula gains in brevity it loses in comprehensibility

But roughly it means that, having found myself thrown into the world, I go on to create

You might think you have defined me by some label, but you are wrong, for I am

As writers, what helps our work stand out is the provision of a new perspective on certain

For example, an academic writing about human society could use animals to describe a theory

A writer trying to write a self-improvement article might turn to a completely different field (say, design

These links only come when we become exposed to other ideas, spend time stewing in thought and

Apart from being unable to write and think like a human, AI remains pretty unpredictable

While these models can scour through the internet and put together content, the process of text generation

Other times, while the model contains accurate information, the inherent randomness of the model means that we

Instead, all it did was learn what AI ethics paper titles are typically like and mimicked this

It can use all that it has learned during the training phase to craft well-written responses to

And in most cases, it is also able to ‘read’ these internet sources faster than we can

That’s why I strongly believe that it would be a pity if all of us simply

Alone, the AI lacks what makes good writing good — the humanity and the curiosity required to make

Of course, I am not telling you to use AI to write your pieces for you

Ask it questions as you write and see if you become inspired to create a new link

If the AI returns you an answer that you disagree with, ask yourself why and build up

And most importantly, when it returns you a list, check to see if your essay is an

Go back to the drawing board and add your flavor to the writing