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Four Steroids of Growth for Beginner Writers | by Marcus

When I first embarked on this writing voyage, I thought titles and hooks are all that a

Do they go “Meh, I’ve read this before” or do they exit the page feeling like

The quality of your article is how you get readers that keep coming back or those who

With that said, here are four principles and mindsets that took me years to comprehend

It feels like an infallible strategy to hasten the path to victory

Then, I’d endeavour on the journey of reverse-engineering their thought process

Don’t get me wrong, the intention of wanting to decipher how these writers produce both quantity

But if it’s long-term growth and affluence you truly desire, then it’s merely a trivial

When you’re aiming to be another person, you’re essentially mimicking what they have published before

Whereas when you pursue authenticity, you can eliminate competition because no one is better at being you

The more genuine you can be, the lesser competition you’ll have

You don’t need a mentor and you don’t need an assload of books or know

You got that brilliant idea for an article you know will blow people’s minds, but don’

Take this as a reminder that you don’t have an obligation to squeeze a giant, all-encompassing

Lord knows it’s going to comprise points like “live in the moment” and “workout every day”

It’s cliché AF because when we zoom out, all our lives follow the same trajectory — wake

Not for the algo or money, but for you to unload the finest details onto the page

I’ve ingested hundreds of their articles and continue to do so

If you spend a few minutes and put my essays beside theirs, you’ll quickly draw a

Both in the structure of my sentences and the lenses that configure my worldview

But in the age of the social, these five people are more likely to be avatars on

Not one person specifically, but a combination of all of them

That’s when you’ll emerge as this pot of gold, melted from the words penned by

Another creator I have an unfathomable amount of respect for is PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) — the Youtuber who

One aspect many beginner online writers forget to ponder is how long this journey really is

Before you poke at me, yes — there have been creators who are wildly successful operating within the

In other words, their audiences don’t connect with them on an emotional level

Prior to your crusade, come to terms that you’re going to let some (perhaps a lot)