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Four Easy Techniques to Improve Your Writing Routine | by

I experiment with my writing routine to understand which process increases my productivity

Have you ever questioned why we sleep at night and work in the morning and not the

There is a change in physical, mental, and behavioral levels throughout the 24 hours of the day

According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, below is the circadian rhythm of a typical

I reserve the second half of the day for light work like research, headline analyzing, submitting to

So I thought I would do all the writing after I returned home

I am so tired after work that my brain cannot figure out what to write

It is like the ideas are floating in my head, but my hands do not have the

I noticed that after waking up, the words seemed to flow like magic

At this point, I do not know the scientific reason behind it

You are utilizing the fresh burst of morning energy the universe has given you

Since editing requires a lot of mental energy, this activity fits well in this band of your

Before, I was trying to do the editing at night after returning from work

I felt sleepy while reading my article, let alone doing the editing

So I thought I’d have to change my writing schedule to get the most out of

I experimented with editing in the morning, and magic happened

My brain was also generating fresh ideas to make the article look good, and most importantly, I

So I try to do as much writing or editing as possible during this time

The drowsiness and incessant yawning give me a hard time focusing on work

To spice it up, I decided to utilize this window of time to note down any random

I will use these pointers as a reference to write an article in the future

So I utilize this time to do some research on the article that I am writing

My energy level at this time is perfect enough for doing the research

I spend around an hour on the internet to increase my knowledge base

I have substituted screen time with other activities like meditation, painting, and sketching

This state of mind helps me to align with the article I am writing and find out

I have reserved the nighttime for quality reading in physical books

I read somewhere that you have to read good essays to write well

While starting my writing journey in Medium, I felt that I was short of ideas when writing,

Then I read a few articles on how to write fast, and I found that writing fast

Reserve the post-lunch and evening for light work like research, headline analyzing, reading books, taking notes, etc

However, there are some days when I feel unmotivated to write

Go for a walk, visit your nearest cafe, and talk to your friends and family