Read Lovely Books

For a Month

Stories have a beginning and an ending, and even when stories aren’t told in this exact

So for a month, I decided to go against my own reading beliefs and systems, and start

With this experiment, I also wanted to better understand why people do it, and what leads them

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And it does work if the last page ends with a sort of abstract but reflective writing

When I say I started my books by the end, I mean I started by reading the

And I can tell you straight up:  even reading this little, I was afraid

One of my favourite things to do is buy a book based on its blurb, put it

Truthfully, I do buy more than I can read, but this system serves me just right, because

So deciding to take this step of reading the end first was not done lightly

I picked up books at random; as a mood reader, there was no point creating a pile

Among the books I picked up (which I will leave untitled), were contemporary fiction, literary fiction, historical

Each time I opened a book and checked the end before the beginning, my heart skipped a

Even when my thoughts went to “maybe this is something I’d rather not have read”, I’

Often throughout the book, I even forgot what I had read at the end beforehand (I have

On the other hand, as someone who enjoys going into books knowing as little as possible, reading

Quite the contrary: even without experiencing any harm from it, I will actively avoid it as much

And if I die before reaching the end…well, what a hopeful thought: to be reading at

Do you always start your books at the end? Come share that experience with us on our

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