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Fall 2022 New Releases: In Translation

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There’s something for everyone this season, with thrilling debuts, thoughtful nonfiction, stunning poetry collections, and so

Readers will be particularly excited to see new titles from favorite authors like Scholastique Mukasonga and Samanta

But don’t sleep on some of the new and exciting voices on this list too

Invigorating and disorienting, this collection of stories about sickness, death, and control would be perfect for fans

Complete with striking art and a stunning translator’s note, this “world of little panics” will pull

And don’t miss The Age of Goodbyes by Li Zi Shu, translated by YZ Chin

I’ve loved the Calico series from Two Lines Press since its inception

 Visible presents six works from around the world that think about the relationship between how we see,

Each image, each word, and the spaces between them, are endlessly fascinating

A weekly newsletter focusing on literature by and about people of color!

“Grandfather used to say, ‘When we make our cursed fetishes, it’s important that they’re pretty

Chung has a background in Slavic literature and translates modern literary works from Russian and Polish into

These gripping stories of power and trauma are perfect for fans of Ha Seong-nan, translated into English

Iman Mersal is considered by many to be Egypt’s premier poet and I’d argue she’

So it is an immense joy to see The Threshold published this fall

These poems trace her journey as a young outsider poet in Egypt to a new life in

They have been brilliantly translated in all of their ferocious vulnerability, intimacy, and complexity, by translator Robyn

I first came to Marguerite Duras’s work by way of Me & Other Writing, a collection

” And so it is a thrill to see those same translators approach The Easy Life, Duras’s

What may seem like an idyllic French countryside novel is, in the hands of Duras and her

And don’t miss Ti Amo by Hanne Ørstavik, translated by Martin Aitken (Archipelago, September 13) and Dawn

Julia Cimafiejeva is a Belarusian poet and translator, and the author of four poetry collections in Belarusian

She was born in an area of rural Belarus that became a Chernobyl zone when she was

The combination of this diary with the poems that follow only adds to the power of this

In Seven Empty Houses, Schweblin focuses on the intimate, on families and relationships, and the home

But these are often empty houses, where loss, grief, and trauma live amongst the boxes and bannisters

Strange and spare, tense and uncanny, the stories in Seven Empty Houses are sure to please fans

At the center of the story is the body, specifically a woman’s body, in all of

And don’t miss The Visible Unseen: Essays by Andrea Chapela, translated by Kelsi Vanada (Restless Books,

” Ernaux is the author of over thirty works of fiction and memoir and is considered by many

Newly available in English in a scintillating translation by Alison L

Her novel Simple Passion was based on this affair, but Ernaux decided to publish her diary entries

” And there is a rawness and a darkness to it ― an intense intimacy, a relentless honesty, that

For more incredible new releases in translation from this year, check out this list of Hot Summer 2022