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Everything Traditional Publishers Preach About Writing Is Wrong | by

When art intersects with business, all you get is a catastrophe

Wouldn’t it be nice if great writers were recognized? Wouldn’t it be nice if people

It would be nice if I could snap my fingers and lose 20 pounds (sign up for my

For the sake of your legacy as a writer consider what it would mean if traditional publishers

What if everything you’ve ever been told about what makes a great novel is a complete

People like to refute this assessment, but you’ll notice the rebuttal arguments are often based on

People like to assume that American capitalism makes billionaires out of brilliant businessmen

For some reason, the general population disregards how much money the government shovels out to assist struggling

Let’s put aside all the bother of proving that traditional publishers are deliberately incompetent and just,

Perhaps much of what is commonly accepted as good writing advice is nothing more than a pack

The question then becomes: how do we write something that’s actually good?

This should blow your mind a little bit, but stop and consider it

The book was entertaining, but it was one of those “paint by numbers” books

It was like somebody typed a bunch of parameters into an AI generator in the hope that

“Vampires are big right now, it’s your job to anticipate the trend that will follow vampires

Does anyone else feel that agents and publishers work off a checklist? The book must have:

It will have everything but the heart and soul that turns a novel into a work of

When one of your books gets adapted into a movie, you show enough profit that people can

You want to write something Steven Spielberg will get excited about

What that means is that you shouldn’t turn over a thousand page manuscript

You shouldn’t create a world with such a complex mythology that you need to provide forty

I remember reading The Two Towers and thinking, “Where the heck is Frodo? Isn’t he the

Shouldn’t we be jumping back and forth from the various narratives so we have a more

Well, if you’re worried about what the audience thinks… I guess

My criticisms of The Lord of the Rings came from before I knew anything about writing

Now, if we could only get the writing industry to understand that as well…

It’s kind of alarming how the majority of classic books violate almost everything traditional publishers urge

I picked up Bram Stoker’s Dracula a couple weeks ago and it was almost laughable

I’ve never read it, but I’ve heard it said that the book is unfilmable

Give me a book that expands my consciousness and transforms the way I perceive reality forever

If you’re writing a book that can be turned into a movie, then you’ve already

It is better when storytellers are allowed to go off on digressions

Stories don’t get better when some deranged editor comes at them with a katana leaving you

I don’t care if the book will become “less profitable” if the page count is higher

Why can’t we see that the intersection of art and business as represented by the traditional

It’s designed to control access to what stories are available (DUH!)

Quit ignoring the works of real human beings with an actual story to tell

When we go back to an oral tradition, it will mean the rebirth of literature

Every writer has had the experience of returning to a favorite book only to find the lines

This happens because you dwell on the situation the author created both in your sleeping and waking

The evidence is that once you, the author, get the story to the level where people take

Once you’ve tapped into the collective consciousness, you’ve succeeded

These days I am too tired from work to read for leisure, so I listen to audiobooks

Then you get into your house and your partner is there, and when s/he talks, all

“It’s way more profitable for us to distribute it in that manner!”

“Every line in every book must share an equal part of the burden of bringing the narrative

It’s about maintaining a mental state of peace and satisfaction for as long as possible

If you think words are “wasted” or “unnecessary” then you have a fundamentally flawed perspective on how

There are various “author” groups in my community and I can’t stand to be around them

They’ve all pulled strings they all have literary titles like “writer in residence” or “poet laureate

” They all drive $80,000 cars and live in million dollar homes

They laugh at peasants like me who adopt dogs from a shelter

Flocks of students follow them wherever they go hoping for a hint of how they can follow

If they actually knew what was good, they wouldn’t have steered their ship right into the

The people who truly know something are the ones that have to endure a lifetime of struggle

They don’t have any answers, but they tell way more interesting stories