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Don’t Buy an Hourglass to Become a Better

It was hit or miss and I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to be successful

I was deciding the best way to measure this hour without a clock I would stare at,

In my infinite wisdom, I got the vision of an hourglass sitting on my desk

How cool and eccentric I thought, as I imagined turning the hourglass over and seeing the yellow

I didn’t buy one in the end as it finally dawned on me that I was

Sometimes you can be procrastinating on something that feels like it will further your craft

Yes, even planning out your writing schedule can be an important task

A way to check if you’re on the right track is by taking a moment to

If instead you say “Oh I was just doing xyz but I’m going to get to

Your boss comes to you first thing in the morning and says to you:

You of course say yes, because he’s your boss, but you start to worry

You wonder about doing it now but no, a little later, you have some emails to send

You don’t want to spoil your lunch so you decide you’ll eat the frog after

Dang it, you were supposed to call your friend to see how her project is going

Anxiety starts to creep in wondering how long the taste will linger

Aww man, it’s quitting time, you better call it a day and eat the frog tomorrow

It’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t taste great but you know what? It wasn’t nearly as

I love it but sitting down to do it can be painful and difficult at times

However, if I don’t sit down and do it, I end up on Amazon looking at

I tell myself that maybe an hourglass will make the frog taste better

In fact, writing can feel so hard that our brains think it must be a dangerous task

You can realize your brain is wrong and make sure you are actually doing the work that

Whether you get there through a disciplined routine or… Well to be honest I think routine is

But however you find your routine make sure that what matters is at the heart of it