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Does a Memoir Have to Be in Chronological Order? |

Memoir is a historical account of your life, or one story of your life, but memories can

Chronlogy is a simple way to move your reader from the beginning to the end, this happened,

“You have to take pains in a memoir not to hang on the reader’s arms, like

These stories are easy to follow but maybe not the most interesting

You may want to write about your first born taking his first step and this triggers another

I have placed much thought deciding what to add and what to take away

I read only memoirs for years to see to how other memoirist handled this issue

I move from present past scene to another memory that is closer in time

The heat rose from the freshly laundered towels and wash cloths

Mom picked up a towel and with little effort folded the towel in half then again and

She wasn’t stressed like I feel I am when I am doing my house chores, always

Mom tells me that taking care of the kids is my job, that it is the most

He says the women at his work have kids, that they work and are mothers

Before we had kids, he said that I was smart enough to have been a doctor, as

“Fold these and when you get the hang of it then you can move on to the

I took a cloth that was frayed at the ends, and I folded it in half and

I am writing about a sweet memory I had of my mother that brought me to how

Then the memory goes deeper, how I felt inadequate folding the large towels, that I feel inadequate

It is like a seven cord on the piano, in harmony and adding depth

It’s not even past,” says William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

So yes, write chronologically and sometimes don’t, and trust your voice