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Do You Need a Comma After “Thank You”?

You’ve just finished writing an important email to a colleague and want to thank them for

In both of these scenarios, you’ll use the phrase "thank you" to express gratitude and (in

But what is the correct punctuation to use? Do you even need punctuation at all? Unfortunately there

In this article, we’ll look at the different ways you can use "thank you" in a

As you can see, we used a comma in the first example, but we didn’t in

But in this sentence, "thank" and "you" are two words performing separate roles

Here, to thank is a verb denoting the action of thanking someone

You is the object of that verb (the person receiving the action)

In this case, it would be wrong to use a comma after "thank you," in the same

When you’re using "thank you" in this way, you don’t need a comma

In these examples, "a thank you" refers to an idea or sentiment

When you use "thank you" in this way, you don’t need to place a comma after

If we add "note" to this sentence, you can see that the comma moves to fall after "

This one’s easy: You always need a comma after thank you when you are addressing someone

Adding a comma here separates the statement from the name of the person being thanked

This works the same even if you are thanking more than one person:

If your sentence continues after the person’s name, add a second comma after their name to

There is one use of "thanks" that doesn’t require a comma after

If you use "thanks" as a noun (to refer to an idea or sentiment), you don’t

The only time you’ll need a comma after "thanks" in this scenario is if the sentence

If you need help understanding where to place a comma in your sentences, use ProWritingAid

I hope you’re well! I heard your podcast episode about comma rules, and I wanted to

As you can see, we use a comma after the opening salutation (Hi Sara) and the closing

The same rule applies for "Many thanks," or for any other closing salutation you might use

As you can see, you don't need a comma after "thanks" or "thank you" in these phrases

Whenever you use an email salutation (like "Sincerely," "Yours truly," "Kind regards") the format should be:

Notice how we add a return (hit the enter key) between the salutation and your name

While we’re talking about thank yous and commas, we thought we might as well answer this

"No thank you" isn’t a grammatically correct sentence, however you could say something like:

Thank you, reader, for trusting us to teach you these comma rules

Think you know your stuff now? We've taken the commas out of these sentences

(Hint: Even if there doesn’t need to be a comma after "thank you," you may need

To say thank you for sacrificing your time we'd like to give you an extra week's holiday

I gave her some chocolates as a thank you for looking after my dog

To say thank you for sacrificing your time, we'd like to give you an extra week's holiday

I still need to send out the thank you notes from my birthday

People often leave the comma out of the phrase Thank you, [Name] in casual contexts, like when