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Do You Know T.S. Eliot’s Secret Writing

While there is no hard and fast rule that will make you an instant success, there is

Arguably the most prolific essayist and poet of the twentieth century, Eliot coined a specific theory that

In his essay titled, Hamlet and His Problems, Eliot enlists this “secret rule” to address the lack

Eliot’s solution is to express the character’s emotions by showing rather than describing their feelings

It’s the act of tying together visual aspects to convey the character’s emotion and motivation

This is a common practice in poetry as the poet (a good one, anyway) will usually focus

THE BROAD-BACKED hippopotamus/Rests on his belly in the mud;/Although he seems so firm to us/

/Flesh and blood is weak and frail,/Susceptible to nervous shock; While the True Church can never

But it’s actually about the political state of the church and Eliot’s satirical attitude towards

Focusing on one object, theme, or event, challenges the writer to explore deeper meanings

The emphasis should be on an emotional and intellectual connection for the reader

Symbolism is probably one of the “simplest” ways to explore the objective correlative as a beginner

The Hunger Games series is a good example as it fits into the mythic story structure so

In a story like this, symbols and themes are much more obvious due to the heightened nature

A common bird in Katniss’ home of District 12, the mocking jay, becomes a national symbol of resistance

This symbol is a brilliant example as it grows and changes with the characters and events

By the end, it takes many forms, including a dress Katniss wears during an interview just before

As Katniss spins, it lights on fire, revealing the mocking jay-inspired fashion piece

It symbolizes the full-circle transformation of Katniss from a miner’s daughter to a national symbol of

I put “simplest” in quotations because as you can see, this can become complex

Expand on the idea, and allow it to change as the events and characters change

Furthermore, it’s not enough to force an audience care, you have to give them a reason,

It’s difficult, but that’s where your original idea will come in

It takes a lot of investment and time, but with tools like the objective correlative, the journey