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Dear Writer — You Don’t Have the Luxury Not

Everyone else? From Matt Damon to Jesus Christ? We don’t simply get attention heaped on us

They don’t have the luxury to just do their work either — i

to show up on a set for a couple of months — and once the movie is recorded

They have to go out in public and incessantly talk about their latest film

Watch any late-night interview with a movie star who has just released a new flick

And that’s even though some of them are as high on stimulants as Pablo Escobar’s

So don’t do the equivalent yourself by plastering your links into every comment box you come

That’s being as annoying as a vicious, but toothless, rattlesnake in my pants

And if you can’t have a conversation with Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert or some other

Just join them, have fun, entertain them, and, at the right moment, when the opportunity presents itself,

I’m a nobody who simply joined a conversation on writing by publishing these and other words

I’ve hopefully entertained and informed you at least as much as a twerking elephant in a

Talk in public about stuff that interests you and other people