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Creative Mind’s Working Environment: What Kind of Workspace

Dear Michelle Scorziello, whose essays I admire, has given me a question to mull over for days

A large enough wooden table near the window that gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day

My notebooks, pens, and other writing tools are always present, creating the environment of my workspace

But then working at a kitchen desk began reminding me of all the chores I had to

The kitchen, and my desk, became a place where households came in to get some fruit or

The kitchen table desk was sneakily reminding me that “I’m only an ordinary woman,” with all

This time, I was drawn to our dining table in the living room, another table in the

It was nice to work there during the day when no one was home

I’ve written a lot of essays on this desk, which is still my primary workspace

When our cleaning lady comes to clean the house, I have to leave the house, and then

Cafes can also be useful when being alone at home is too depressing

Observing different people, watching their lives, and changing my surroundings allow me to think more creatively

When I’m feeling hopeless, seeing other people’s lives pass by keeps me from feeling lonely

You have readers, editors, and friends from writing or reading groups

However, writing an essay, a story, or a novel is a rough road that must be traveled

It is not easy to keep going in this direction on a daily basis and with determination

However, at this point, it is impossible not to remember Virginia Woolf

We, as humans, travel long distances, go on adventures, and live our lives outside

But just knowing that you have a home to which you can return at the end is

If we consider the separate identity of the writer inside us, it needs a room, or at

The writer usually writes at that desk and should be alone in a quiet environment if possible

The books, notebook, and computer stay on this table at night, waiting for the writer, who will

For instance, I wrote a children’s book while listening to various versions of the song “Moon

” I had a playlist with several versions of the song that I listened to for hours, if

” I sometimes work while listening to Bach, sometimes while listening to jazz, and sometimes in silence

I start with coffee, but since I am only allowed one cup of coffee per day, I

However, it is nearly impossible for me to work without a cup nearby

Because it is much easier to edit, delete, and rewrite later

I have dozens of my cheap purple pens of the same brand because I never want to

After I finish writing the piece, I’m done with these notes

Murakami wrote his first novels, and Norwegian Wood, in crowded restaurants or cafes

Now, as a well-known and devoted novelist, he writes all morning in his own room, with the

When Stephen King writes his books alone, with the door closed

I’m in a good mood as well, but tomorrow I’ll probably prefer to write alone

After all these thoughts, my final decision is that every artist creates their own “appropriate”, and goes

Perhaps those rules I laid out in this essay will no longer apply to me after a