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Content Writer vs Copywriter: What’s the Difference? | by

Content writer vs copywriter: the two terms are often used interchangeably

At issue isn’t the persuasive nature that permeates articles, posts, emails, ads, direct mail, eBook, social

Both a content writer and a copywriter use writing skills to persuade

The difference is in the subtle ways content writers and copywriters slant those skills

That means when you write a piece of content, you understand what a reader needs, and you

Kennedy (1864–1928) defined copywriting as “salesmanship in print

You can see why both roles have value in the online writing process

The content writer provides quality information consistently over the long term

Short-form content works best for that kind of immediate response: ads, sales letters, direct mail, email campaigns,

There’s an overlap between long-form content and short-form content

But you can see why a content writer gets plenty of practice with long-form content and a

The term “web traffic” refers to the number of visitors who visit a website, blog, or online

Content writers choose and place high-value keywords in appropriate places in their content to drive inbound traffic

Instead, copywriters capitalize on all that luscious inbound traffic

Their job is to use words to get the reader to take an action once they land

Copywriters use urgency to convert traffic to sales or leads

Good content attracts readers, who initially find your content from an inbound link or referral or web

Want to know if your content works? Your traffic metrics grow over time

A piece of copy, however, has a short-term goal: get the reader to act immediately

Like good content, you can identify good copy by its metrics

Copywriters know how to get a short-term uptick by writing with urgency

“But the reality is that SEO content is best at driving traffic and sales copy is best

Content writing and copywriting are two different animals, but they share an important stripe: persuasion

So why not acquire both skills? You can engage readers by writing well-optimized, valuable content — and convert