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Compound-Complex Sentence: Definition and Examples

One way to add variety to your writing is to play with sentence structures

These are the most complicated sentence structures, but when done properly they can improve the flow of

Read on to learn more about what compound-complex sentences are and how to write them

A compound-complex sentence combines a compound and a complex sentence

Therefore, a compound-complex sentence has two or more independent clauses and at least one dependent clause

Compound-complex sentences allow you to add a layer of complexity to your writing

They’re also useful if you’re explaining complicated ideas

Let’s look at an example of a compound-complex sentence below:

” The dependent clause is “Though Jack prefers watching comedy films

Here are four simple steps for how to write effective compound-complex sentences

Comma splices are a common mistake to make when writing compound-complex sentences

Use a grammar checker, such as ProWritingAid, to identify any instances of comma splices, so you can

The sentence above has two independent clauses, “there’s an oak tree behind my house,” and “I

In the sentence above, the independent clauses are joined by the conjunction “and

” The other six coordinating conjunctions that can be used are “for,” “or,” “nor,” “but,” “yet,” and “so

Compound sentences can also be joined by semicolons instead of a coordinating conjunction and a comma

A complex sentence has an independent clause and at least one dependent clause

In complex sentences, dependent clauses are introduced by subordinate conjunctions

” Other subordinate conjunctions include “after,” “although,” “if,” “until,” and “while

A compound-complex sentence combines the structure of a compound sentence and a complex sentence

Let’s break down the sentence to highlight all the relevant sections of the sentence:

However, they can also be used in creative writing where you want to spice up your writing

Remember, a compound-complex sentence combines a compound and complex sentence

These sentences have at least two independent clauses and a dependent clause

Play around with your sentence structures, so your writing doesn’t become monotonous