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Comma Before or After Parenthesis: Correct Usage Explained

Even the most confident writers sometimes struggle to remember when and how to use them

Generally, you should only use a comma outside a closing parenthesis, though there are some exceptions to

In this article, we’ll teach you how and when to use a comma with parentheses, and

Parentheses are a pair of round brackets ( ) used to separate a parenthetical word or phrase from a

If the information inside the parentheses contains a list, you should separate the items with commas

Question marks and exclamation points that are part of the parenthetical material should also go inside the

However, if the information inside the parentheses doesn’t form a complete sentence, you shouldn’t include

When the parenthetical element occurs at the end of the sentence, the period should go outside the

Parentheses don’t always need to be followed by a comma, but there are some instances where

Here are the instances where it’s suitable to use a comma after a parenthesis:

An introductory phrase is a clause without a subject and verb

It is typically followed by a comma, which shows that the main idea of the sentence is

A compound sentence is made up of two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction (for, and,

This is because the comma would’ve been part of the sentence regardless

This sentence type is made up of two or more independent clauses and at least one dependent

If parentheses follow the dependent clause, a comma will follow the closing parenthesis

If you removed the parentheses, would there still be a comma? If the answer is yes, you

Here are a few examples of commas used after a closing parenthesis in a sentence:

In most instances, it’s not grammatically correct to use a comma before parentheses

Incorrect: Jamaica has some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, (especially in Negril) but many of

Correct: Jamaica has some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches (especially in Negril), but many of

The standard rule is that commas should not be used before parentheses

Commas can be used after the parenthetical element if they would’ve been part of the sentence

A good way to decide if you should use a comma after the closing parenthesis is to