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Come Inside the Mind of a Successful Writer and

I believe that your mind is your most powerful asset — this is how to master your writer’

In this article, I’ll show you what successful writers think about and how you can enlist

When you read the work of any successful writer you soon realize that they have a central

For others it is how to think better and harness the power of the mind

I read many thousands of words and wrote for years before I discovered my cause

Yet all the time I was thinking about and dreaming of being a writer, yet at the

As a result, I invented all sorts of excuses for not even starting

The truth was that my cause was intimately tied up with my desire to be a writer

Yet I was denying myself the opportunity to become the writer I wanted to become

Many of my clients found new careers in which they could express themselves

I found considerable satisfaction in enabling others to become what they could become

But I remained in denial that I needed to write about enabling others

Spend time in serious thought or perhaps an intimate discussion with a coach to find your cause

One of the most important lessons on my journey is that you have to learn and keep

Constant learning is the only way to keep adding to your abilities as a writer

You need to become a sponge for information on and about your cause or special interest

It is also about testing the efficacy of what you learn so that you know that what

I pay close attention to who my readers are and what they say about my work

I want you to become a successful writer more than I want to succeed myself

I could not have written that last sentence when I first started to write

I strongly believe that the reader feels the writer’s concern for their progress

I could not believe how generous Cole was in the way he shared his secrets with the

It was a long time before the penny dropped and I realized that the major secret of

But you have to realize that if all you do is pass on information to your readers

Whatever the cause that you write about you will succeed to a ten times greater extent when

This virtuous circle all happens because I want more than anything in the world that you should

That way I relieve myself of my own frustration of not being what I have always wanted

Every successful writer I have met on my journey to becoming a writer has the mindset of