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Three of my favorite things are quotes, Unsplash, and blogging

I am currently building my portfolio and deciding whether I should create an author publication

According to the Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics, there are approximately 500 million blog sites for readers, and

These statistics remind me that it’s hard to stay on track or, even more, to win

With enough effort and a willingness to study, you can find many ways to grow as a

Therefore, I am going to discuss my journey to understanding and developing author publications

In short, the answer is maybe, especially if it’s the opportunity to build an author publication

Absolutely important, don’t click here if you’re not ready to start and understand how a

But what does it mean to “understand your audience”? It entails creating and delivering information matched to

The best and most accurate way to describe my ideal reader, including their key characteristics, is through

Age, interests, geography, search habits, and other factors can be used to create a reader persona

Then, I initiated google analytics for content from multiple angles, for example, the audience’s likes and

It provides you with the best solutions possible for searcher intent

How successful a blog is determined in large part by its name? People initially notice your site’

Since you can’t establish the first impression in person online, therefore it is even more important

Consequently, the name of your blog is crucial since it lets viewers know what to expect

This is the best part; Medium is a great place to begin your author publication

Your author’s publication is very important, and a consistent writing style is imperative

Since readers and writers enjoy reading, we are naturally pulled to things we are connected with

The informal writing style is more concise and fluid, making it simple for readers to understand and

The more frequently we use their language in material, the more probable it is to appear in

When we prefer to use small sentences, simple terms, and content in bullets, it will filter our

According to some Reports, it gains 9 times more leads when our blogs are long-form and delivers the

We need to generate a top-quality, engaging piece of writing if we desire sustained readability

Therefore, this guarantees that people continue visiting our blog to read further articles

A consistent timetable for publishing material encourages both human users and search engine robots to revisit our

Growth as a writer will increase as you realize that storytelling is the best way to deliver

These might also assist us in creating a story about goods or services

This will increase the effect of storytelling in communication and make it more inclusive

Another reason why an author needs a blog (author publication)

Not many publications can produce high-quality long-form material, even though I’m not a huge lover of

Long-form content has a number of noteworthy benefits, one of which is that it helps marketers to

The problem is that while everyone can produce ~600-word blog articles, it may be really challenging to

It’s not the first instance I’ve discovered how valuable it is to look for others

A certain type of magic occurs when you are in a room with others who share your

One of the finest things I’ve personally made for my writing was to link with a

I acknowledge that it’s the beginning of a completely different journey as a good writer

To become a successful writer, it’s important to pinpoint and accept your flaws

I look back and study works that I especially enjoy, and if I sense that I have

I revisit my most popular posts and reread my highlights to determine what visitors found interesting

It may also be really motivating to discover how far we have developed as a writer since

I’ll move a step forward and argue that relying just on your prior experience and knowledge

Find sites on Medium that publish writing prompts, or search the internet for writing exercises

Sometimes, veering off the beaten route is all you need to produce something unique and wonderful

Prior to hitting publication, I compose complete things and go through and revise them several times

The goal is to discipline yourself and turn writing into a passion rather than a work

It also involves developing our writing skills over time and with consistent practice

As a writer growing an author publication, it is best to write with a purpose, and writing

Because we interact with a plethora of writing advice, norms, and routines

These are the ways that can lead to the correct path to shine bright as a writer