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Can You Start a Sentence with Also?

Many people wonder if the English language accepts sentences starting with also

Also is a conjunctive adverb that is used to express addition

Common words with similar meanings include additionally, and, furthermore, as well, and too

Let’s take a closer look at how to use also correctly, both at the beginning of

It adds a new idea that builds on the previous idea and makes it clear the two

Your first sentence might be: “The jacket was out of my budget

Your second sentence could be: “Also, it wasn’t really my style

In this case, the word also links the expensiveness of the jacket to the fact that the

It’s important to remember that using also at the start of the sentence can make that

As a result, you should be mindful about using also to start a sentence in scientific writing,

When you use also in the middle of a sentence, it means the same thing as in

Here, the purpose of also is to join two words or phrases together

In some scenarios, you can use also in the middle of a sentence to link that sentence

” These two sentences could be combined and rewritten as: “Einstein was a brilliant physicist

The best way to learn grammar is by reading plenty of examples

Here are some more examples of sentences that begin with also

If not, readers will be confused about the inclusion of the word also, since its purpose is

You don’t always need a comma if also is in the middle of the sentence, but

So there you have it! Starting a sentence with also is grammatically correct

Just make sure you’re building on the previous sentence, and that you use a comma