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Magical families are perhaps more common in books that blend magic into “real” life

Implications that magic is passed genetically aren’t always doing the best job at challenging the status

If an author isn’t taking care to really push back against those ideas, they can reinforce

Magical towns, on the other hand, crop up in unexpected places

Sometimes a town’s magic is keeping worse things at bay, or maybe the magic isn’t

If you’re looking for a magical town that’s more “spooky” than scary, Graves Glen, Georgia

The whole town is obsessed with Halloween, they hold a big festival, and the town is located

The opening book in the series set in Graves Glen follows Vivi, who curses Rhys, her ex

Run, do not walk, to read a charming romance about a woman who accidentally casts a spell

Lychford is a cozy English town, but strange things are afoot

A huge supermarket chain wants to expand to Lychford, but Judith, the resident witch or maybe the

So she has to pull together an unlikely team to hold things together

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This book has some fun world-building, and Thistle Grove has some of those Halloween Town vibes you

That’s what’s bringing prodigal daughter Emmy back to town

She bumps into Talia, who recruits Emmy into a revenge scheme against the ex they share

As a Midwestern resident myself, I love to see that books with magic towns in the United

She has a lot to figure out if she’s going to face down the ancient evil

I would love to road trip to Yarrow, Kentucky, a town with magical bourbon and a magical

The bourbon makes bad memories disappear and the shadow garden yields healing fruits

Kaden Bonner, returned after 20 years away and unknown to his townsfolk, and Irene Haywood, who foresaw a

She was cursed hundreds of years ago by her own village women who were jealous of her,

The two fall in love and see what it means to escape a curse

This story is imaginative and lyrical while it grapples with the legacies of slavery and colonialism in

She can also raise the ghosts of deceased animals, a skill that’s part of her Lipan

It seems to have cursed the Nomeolvides women into staying in their beautiful garden home, and possibly

A strange boy who appears in the gardens may be the key to understanding the secrets of

If you’ve read any books by Anna-Marie McLemore, you know how lush and haunting they are

Too dangerous! But Delpha hates rules and found her family’s book of spells, so you know

This book is also remarkable for featuring an intersex character whose story is deftly woven into the

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