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Books That Will Make You Question Reality

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Rabbits is a mysterious game in which participants seek out connections and odd anomalies in the world

But it appears that the latest iteration of the game has gone haywire, with players disappearing and

But how? And why? And could it possibly mean the end of the world? One game obsessive,

the Berenstain Bears might hint at parallel universes seems like the type of thing I should have

(I consider it a bonus that this book is actually based upon a podcast; I guess this

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Or even just books where the protagonists themselves can’t figure out whether or not everything they’

The Devil in Silver was the first book of his I read and it does a pretty

But can their perception of what’s happening to them be trusted? What have they really seen

It’s tough to discuss too much of this novella without ruining its twist

A group of teens decides to prank one of their friends by sneaking a mannequin into a

Our protagonist decides he’ll do whatever it takes to stop this mannequin-monster and save everyone he

I was seriously creeped out by this literary horror about a young couple haunted by their new

But the most terrifying thing of all? As the house decays around them, we’re never really

Switching gears from horror to…satire?…is one of my favorite reads from last year

I have never before empathized so strongly with a protagonist who may or may not be on

Is reality trying to reassert itself, à la those Final Destination movies? Or is that ridiculous?

Barry’s book is one of those titles that show up in all of my book lists,

I spent pretty much the entire book unsure of whether the witchcraft element was real or just

So when she starts to see the (dead) killer following her around town, we don’t know

And finally, in what I’ve found to be the mindfuckiest mindfuck of them all, the comic

But it appears that if enough people believe in a thing, it could actually become real

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