Read Lovely Books

Books That Hit Different the Second Time Around

In fact it wasn’t until college that I started to get sick of reading that my

Some of what I was reading was great, but a lot of it was things I would

I just needed to find a way to get myself to fall back in love with reading

I decided that every year I would reread one series that I had loved as a middle/

Even after the first year I knew I had made a great decision

It was everything I was missing from my life, and the habit has stuck

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I’m still choosing a YA series to reread every year, but I’ve expanded beyond that

Like many American students, I was assigned this book in high school

Recently, I reread this book and was absolutely floored by how much I adored it

I think this book is done a disservice by being assigned to high schoolers

Its language is so rich, and the story so compelling that it can’t be rushed

This book was one of the first I read when I decided to try rereading

Reading it as an adult meant I picked up on so many more tiny things I had

My reread also helped me see the characters in a new light as I am now older

That kid went through so much! I never really thought about it until my reread

Jemisin is a master class of a writer who makes even the most innocuous details ripple with

Truly one of the greatest additions to the science fiction cannon

I keep finding new jokes I missed when I was younger, and I have a growing appreciation

It’s witty and holds up a mirror to how we still operate in our world today,

And with the sequel set to release soon, I think I might have to reread it a

This is the most recent book on this list; I think that rereading shouldn’t only pertain

And even though I have the first page memorized, I know I’m not alone in getting

Plus, with a brand new TV show on the horizon, it’s the prefect time to dive

Because this book has so much description, rereading helps you conceptualize what’s happening more

Parable of the Sower is often taught in schools so it’s easy to speed over without

If you were assigned this book in school and felt neutral towards it, I’d highly recommend

Plus, the sequel is also delightful, so after a reread you have the privilege of experiencing the

One amazing thing about rereading this book is you get to uncover all the little hints Ling

Slaughter House-Five is one of the greatest books of all time, and one constantly assigned to students

I’d go so far as to say that if you were assigned this book in school

Reading this as an adult packs so much more of a punch than when you read it

Rereading this book was one of my favorite rereads ever, even though it’s also one of

Yes, it’s a huge time commitment, but it’s also so full of detail that it

Part of the downfall of a long book is that there are more plots to remember and

I also recommend rereading this book in a different format the second time around

This book has been taught to so many students because of its status as a classic

Rereading it, and taking your time with it opens this book up so much

Wuthering Heights is considered a classic for a reason, you just have to give it the time

Now, if you haven’t read any of these books before, it’s not too late