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Books That Have Gotten Better With Age

(If I may quote my cousin from the last time he asked me this: “Is it written

Sometimes it’s as simple as picking something up from a past century and saying to yourself, “

Does that mean I shouldn’t try to analyze said flaws and still find ways to appreciate

Are there times that the flaws overpower any effort of appreciation and thus we discard it? Definitely

Find me a literature student whose not obsessed with this book

Soon realizing that his own beauty will fade while his portrait will remain young and beautiful forever,

But what he doesn’t bank on is that, while his portrait ages, it also begins to

As Baldwin himself famously put it in his final interview in 1984, the novel is “not really about

Capote based the novel off of his experience with his “swans,” rich socialite women who despite having

Through the trials and tribulations of three marriages and a life unfortunately weighed down by poverty and

What are some books that you think have gotten better with age?