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Books Like Taylor Swift’s Midnights

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Since then, she’s sampled liberally from many different genres, culminating in Midnights, a concept album inspired

Like all art with staying power, Midnights incorporates ideas all of us experience at one time or

Whomst among us hasn’t spent a significant amount of time in one of those five headspaces,

” Some of the pairings were evoked by a single lyric, some by the vibe of the song,

When she gets laid off after an encounter with a “hero” that leaves her injured, she starts

Swift has been fairly open about her eating disorder, which is one of the things I deeply

In the video for Anti-Hero, there is a moment where she steps on a scale and it

It opens up a conversation about fatphobia, anorexia, and perceptions about bodies that should be examined, and

Star-crossed love set against the background of Shanghai in the 1920s and a terrifying magical plague sweeping

This is a gorgeous, twisting tale that will move directly into your brain and refuse to leave

“Labyrinth” is a song about navigating the twists and turns of recovering from a broken heart, and

But what about when your sister takes aim at the man you’re not willing to bury?

But things begin to go badly when the cruise ship is destroyed, and the foursome realize they’

But The Board didn’t factor in what it is to be a woman of a certain

Evelyn Hugo has finally decided to tell her story after decades of silence, and she’s chosen

This was the first thing I thought of when I heard the lyric “it’s weird but

To put it lightly, shenanigans ensue, and Binti’s unique perspective may just avert galactic war

Ronan Lynch is on his own while also surrounded by friends and family

If you’ve read Steifvater’s Raven Cycle series but haven’t yet picked up The Dreamer

I’ve listened to Midnights approx a zillion times writing this list, and it hasn’t yet