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Books Featuring Queer Siblings

As soon as I finished Sonora Reyes’s brilliant YA novel The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic

Maybe it’s because, as the lone queer person in my immediate family, I often daydream about

I turn to queer sibling stories because they affirm something I know in my bones: how precious

There aren’t nearly enough queer sibling books yet, but this list is definitely a start

In others, these relationships are just a small part of the book

And sometimes that shared queernesses is quiet, hardly spoken aloud

I love how many the different ways these authors have found to portray queer siblings in all

This joy-filled but thoughtful YA novels follows Mexican American teenager Yamilet through a turbulent school year at

River is a trans swimmer trying to figure out who they are and what they want in

This feels true to life — River changes and grows so much, and in so many different ways,

As far as real-life queer siblings go, twins Tegan and Sara are definitely some of the best

In this joint memoir, they write about growing up in Calgary, Alberta, in the 1990s

There’s so much queer family in this book! A queer sibling relationship is just one of

It’s about parenthood and making art, finding your roots and running from them, holding onto secrets

This historical romance stars Phillip, a grumpy, grieving sea captain who doesn’t know what to do

There’s nothing better than a good family romance series, especially when everyone in the family is

The queer sibling storyline in this novel is subtle — so subtle you might miss it

This is a gorgeous book about a Syrian American trans man who finds an unexpected connection to

It’s a moving story about immigrant communities, queer lineage, and the homes queer and trans people

Looking for more books about queer families? Check out these books about queer parents, and these romance