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Book Storage for Small Spaces: 11 Creative Solutions

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There is also the challenge of filling a small space but not making it look overwhelming or

At my previous apartment, I had zero space (and no money) for shelves, so I just stacked

We know some tried and true design secrets help to open smaller spaces: Tall and narrow shelving

Taking advantage of small nooks and crannies to DIY unique shelves that fit

Not mentioned here are larger design projects such as building shelves into a staircase, under the bed,

There are some related articles linked at the end of this list that can help if you

Another way to maximize your shelf space is to take advantage of both “sides” of the shelf

Have you ever had a room or apartment that randomly had a weird corner that jutted out

To make a bedside table, use attachable shelves that hook onto your bed frame to give some

With a total width of 7 inches, these four-decker shelves are the perfect size for displaying your favorite

These shelves come in a variety of colors and are super easy to move around

When you run out of shelf space, create new book stacks with floating mounted shelves

For studio apartments or adding some separation between different spaces, consider using a bookshelf as a room

having the bookshelf flat against the wall and adds interest to your room

Maybe not ideal for displaying, but taking advantage of the under-the-bed storage can help open up shelf

Corner bookshelves are ideal for minimizing wall space and taking advantage of an area that can be