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Book Riot’s Most Popular Posts of the Year

As this year ends and the next draws ever closer, it’s a good time to stop

So after a year of uploading hundreds of posts a month, which ones were the useful for

We have gone through all our 2022 content and crunched the numbers to give you the top ten

October to December is the Best Of Book List season, and we like to keep our readers

Without further ado, let’s get into our most-viewed posts of 2022!

It’s arranged by publication year, so you can see at a glance how the genre has

While you definitely want to read about the best books of all time, you also like to

The Best Books You’ve Never Heard Of is a series where we celebrate those books that

If you want to widen your fantasy knowledge base, this is a great place to start

Yep, three fantasy lists in a row! This one looks at not just which books are the

They’re stories that inspired countless others, or one that did something entirely new

The fantasy genre wouldn’t be the same without these influential titles

These books have the big stakes, action-packed plot, and expansive setting that makes sci-fi novels so interesting,

It’s always hard to narrow down a “best of all time” list for a genre as

But despite the impossibility of making a definitive ranking, the attempt is a great conversation starter

We’ve also seen a ton of interest in mystery/thriller books in 2022, so the interest in

These unforgettable reads “push the envelope, show what things could be if we continue down the path