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Book Riot’s Favorite Posts of 2022

Here at Book Riot, we publish 8-10 posts every weekday, not counting news stories, deals round ups,

There are so many posts we’ve loved this year, and we wanted to shout out just

Originally, this was meant to round up the editors’ favorites of 2022, but wouldn’t you know it,

So, here are some of our favorite posts that went up this year, in case you missed

The asides and oh-you-thought-it-couldn’t-get-more-absurd-but-it-does that create an ever growing sense of frenetic calamity delight me

The issue (some might say “problem”) of spoilers is a big one amongst readers, and all consumers

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As someone whose early assumptions about self-help books were shaped by books published in the ‘80s and ‘90

Even the helpful self-help books would be more powerful and compelling without all of the filler

When you spend as significant a chunk of time in your working life as we do observing

So when someone on staff instructed the team, in jest, to look out for her forthcoming bestseller,

What we got is this work of art that had me chuckling from start to finish, ending

So while I go pillage this post for ideas for my debut novel, give it a read

Everywhere I looked, it felt like I was surrounded by folks who seemed to be smashing their

” Me? I was excitingly picking up book after book (after book, after book) only to set it

This piece was a gentle reminder that none of this (waves at everything) is normal

This piece illustrates how Forsyth County, Georgia, took its history as a sundown town and has resurrected

These are some objectively BAD book covers, and the commentary alongside them makes them even funnier

Having now been on the bookish internet for 15-some years, I’ve watched the ways we talk

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that BookTok has had an impact

Leah Rachel von Essen volunteered to write a post about this historic moment, and I was absolutely

This is a piece of history that is so little written about, and I hope this thoughtful

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Anne Mai Yee Jansen added some much-needed context for

Anne Mai Yee Jansen also offers some recommendations for books by Pacific Islander authors, who are often

I especially enjoy drooling at the gorgeous photos of their results

I was on the edge of my seat to see if Susie would end up with a

While I’ve never personally gotten the Boys Love hype, its popularity has always intrigued me

Going into this article, I feared the answer to why the sub-genre is so popular with women

And Thang explains how some of that is definitely present, but she also explains how much of