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Book Riot Editors’ 25 Fall Reading Essentials Under $25

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It’s never a bad time to be a reader, of course, but there’s something about

It’s when we can start cozying up under a blanket and sipping a mug of tea

Of course, if you’re like many of us, fall can also be a time where the

The Book Riot editors — Erica Ezeifedi, Kelly Jensen, Danika Ellis, and Vanessa Diaz — are here to help

Fall is when you want to make sure your hot beverage materials are fully stocked

Since it’s low-key (high-key?) become synonymous with spooky season for me, this mug is just perfect

Plus, the image of The Reader still reading from their TBR well after they’ve become a

I, like many others, find myself reading in many different places, some of which aren’t the

My quintessential cozy fall arsenal isn’t complete without a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt of some sort

I love shuffling through fallen leaves in one, along with some cozy, faux fur-lined shoe

And this is one of the most unique and pretty ones I’ve seen

Beanies are needed for when you sip your tea while others spill theirs

Okay, so I didn’t even know these were that popular before Book Riot

Now that they’ve come into my awareness, I love them! For one, they’re handy (ha!),

Have you ever gushed about how good a book was, only to be asked what it was

A nice thing about this kit in particular is that it’s pretty customizable: you can choose

This one’s nighttime Art Deco design makes it one of the cuter and more unique options

Fall always brings so many awesome new releases, and keeping track of the ones I read is

It’s got elements of a bullet journal, a more traditional reading log, and other activities that

My favorite candles are many, but if pressed to choose just one for the fall, it would

Grab yourself this S’mores Chai and you will not be sad at all

Looking for a splurge? Grab a sachet of every one of their fall teas in this sampler

I know that knee-high socks or fuzzy socks are more worthy of the ‘gram than ankle high

These vintage, handmade wool socks are perfect — and there are several great patterns to choose from

It’s darker earlier, and getting cozy might mean dimming the overhead lights

I’ve been a long time fan of the colorful French Bulldog clip on lights — if you’

I tend to listen to audiobooks a lot more in the fall as I do puzzles and

I’ve got my favorite puzzle brands, and Galison is, hands down, top tier

I hate buds, as they do not fit my little ears, and I cannot stomach spending three

And let me start by saying if you see these showing up for more than $25, look at

They always go on sale, and as of writing, the blue ones are $23

I’ve got the green ones and love how easy they are to fit and use

I have two dogs, so generally I have to get a new one every year because the

TBR is Book Riot’s Tailored Book Recommendation service, where a team of Bibliologists comes up with

I’m constantly blown away by how spot-on these recs are, and even if you already have

The end of summer means I’m going to be spending even more time indoors than I

There are some absolutely stunning bookish scarves available, which is a great way to stay warm while

I picked this dictionary infinity scarf because it’s a good choice for anyone who loves words,

Ever since I got this one, I do much more reading before bed

) What I like about this one — and most other LED lamps — is that you can adjust the

It imitates a sunrise to slowly and gently wake you up — and you can still turn on

If you escape cooler weather with a hot bath and a book, you need to invest in

Not only does it hold your book or ereader/tablet, but it also makes the whole experience

Okay, I cheated slightly because this item is technically a hair over $25 (although it’s currently on

If 60% of the body is water, I would posit that mine is mostly tea

And because a big part of coziness for me is in the aesthetic, I love a beautiful

Use the infuser insert for loose leaf tea, or remove it for a beautiful blooming tea if

If you, like me, don’t have a bathtub (someday!) and do most of your reading on

If your hands tend to run a little cold like mine do as the temperatures get cooler,

They’ll keep your hands toasty while leaving your fingers free to turn those pages and tap

Whether you actually have an outdoor space to relax in or have a tiny patio-less apartment like

But this year, I also plan on treating myself to a weighted blanket, which sounds like the

So even though these noise cancelling headphones are way over $25, they may change your reading life

Now that you’ve got your reading nook assembled, don’t forget to check out 30 of the