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Book Licensing: 10 Crucial Tips If You’re Considering Selling

You’re delighted that your self-published book is selling well

 And why only bookshelves? Your writing can sell on e-book readers, i-devices, radio stations and screens, both

Do you see how much earning potential your writing has? All you need to do to earn

The fact is, self-published authors don’t own just a potentially valuable book, they also own the

Rights can also be licensed for the book to be translated into different languages

Self-published authors lose thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars – simply because they don’t know how to

Here are ten questions self-published authors commonly ask on how they can use rights and licensing to

A paperback book is just one product in the universe of IP that you own – other products

You can keep selling the book you’ve published, while still having an ocean of IP left

Most are quite specific about the kinds of books they’re interested in

Contact individual film companies to understand exactly what they want from a book, rather than starting with “

You can – and should – pursue film rights for your book, but it’s essential that you continue

I made a list, contacted as many publishers as I could, and licensed our second novel, which

Today, it is easy for you to contact publishers around the world

As a self-published author, it pays to think of yourself as a small business and brand, with

Some major publishers have to participate in major book fairs to secure certain rights and licensing deals,

You can also be represented by rights professionals, or include your titles in rights magazines distributed at

Your sole focus should be to work on your writing, getting it as polished and ready for

Only then is it time to showcase it and send it out to potential licensees

 Aiming your work at specific markets is more likely to distract you and weaken the overall book

It’s worth thinking about how, and why, your work might appeal in different territories, languages, formats

This will show you a potential connection and hook for a specific territory or audience

Self-publishing, rather than being frowned upon, is finally being embraced, with many mainstream publishers actively focusing on

For example, Mary Wood, one of our self-published authors, recently received a seven-book deal from Pan Macmillan

Publishers typically work with a previously vetted set of translators

Getting your book translated yourself with a view to licensing it is most often a waste of

Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find information about any individual or organization

If you’re evaluating a publisher as a potential licensee, see what else they’ve published

You can also contact organizations of potential licensees who meet certain key criteria

If you’re an author and don’t have an agent to advise you, there are many

In the UK, the Society of Authors advises across a wide variety of offers and contracts

Organizations like the Alliance of Independent Authors are introducing standard licensing terms, which will hopefully make the

If you want to see how people approach buying the rights to a book, check out this

As an independent self-published author, you now know how to earn more from your writing

You need to be aware of the rights you hold, and their potential to net you many

Apply what you’ve learned above, and you could easily have a six- or seven-figure global business

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