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The dangerous thing about this iteration of the book banning brigade is that they are using strategies

with pedophilia, they are finding this (mis)information and spreading it faster than they ever could in

They share images, rhetoric, out-of-content quotations, and other fodder for the fear machine, and it seems to

The book banners have been so loud in recent years that it’s easy to forget that

Of course, there’s a big difference between trying to find the right books for your individual

For example, prior to this explosion in book challenges, there were several sites online that reviewed media

Some of them are more Christian or conservative than others, but they served a function: to help

Now, book banners are scouring those sites for mention of anything they can slap on a poster

Even worse, resources that were specifically made to help teachers and parents find diverse books for kids

In this case, it was a confusing policy to enforce, because the list linked to several other

To have that work used to further the exact opposite agenda is infuriating

It just goes to show how much this book banning surge is linked to the death of

They don’t have a broad knowledge base of kids’ books and which kids will be the

But not publishing those lists would make it harder for the people who need them to find

A whole slate (usually school board members here run individually) was running that aligned themselves with book

After annoying everyone I know about the election for weeks and dragging my roommate to the voting

So show up for school board meetings, and definitely show up to the polls

Almost 100 books were removed from Beaufort school libraries (SC) without a formal challenge of any of them

Several parents compiled the list of what they called “adult-rated” content and read several passages out at

The books were pulled soon after without following the book challenge process

Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy and Ekua Homes has been removed from school libraries

Kendi and Jason Reynolds from school shelves, and the National Coalition Against Censorship sent them a letter

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out was already challenged in Woolwich Central School Library (ME), but the

The Utah State Board of Education has received 280 complaints about books since a new law restricting “pornographic”

Let’s Talk About It by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan is remaining on shelves in Ankeny