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It was only a matter of time before the “Don’t Say Gay” bill of Florida and

This means a queer elementary school educator may be unable to do their job, simply because they

Or because they show a film that one parent may disagree with and choose to interpret as

It means a queer doctor in a public hospital could be sued simply for being queer

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I can't overstate how radical the private right of action portion is

The bill is so broadly defined that a pediatric hospital could be sued for having a pride

So many of us have seen this coming, and now that it’s here, if you haven’

That it is being considered is a frightening reality of where we are as a society right

Below is the list of every individual who cosigned the bill, which will help you in the

Absolutely none of this should be surprising if you’ve been paying attention

Remember: it was never, it is never, and it will never be about the books