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“Trauma” has become a bit of a buzzword around the internet

Trauma is an emotional response to an event; it is not the event itself

It is being consistently on guard, with less and less opportunity to shut down the body’s

There are many life situations that create trauma for a person, and because it is so individual,

It’s been fascinating to watch teachers this year talk about how unmotivated and disinterested in learning

Imagine during your early developmental periods (be it preschool or elementary school, middle school or high school)

Suddenly, you’re being removed from school and put into a variety of virtual learning environments

Imagine on top of that being sick from COVID or having a loved one die from it

While there are many children who will bounce back, as many, if not more, will not

They’re kids who have had so many traumatic experiences pile up

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The ongoing fight over the rights of young people to access books is contributing to their trauma

Who are witnessing adults who began their Joyful War against access to literature saying that kids were

These messages are being piled on top of the trauma already circulating within young people from the

They’re further confused and, if they’re from groups already under the spotlight of bigotry and

Imagine the kids seeing their parents showing up to these board meetings and creating a scene

In ways that get them their 15 minutes of fame on social media

And when they speak up, they’re sometimes ridiculed by the adults who should be nurturing them

These groups, with their talking points and handy “research,” can influence the self-same young people they’ve

It’s not that young people do not want to think for themselves; it’s that the

It impacts the authors whose books — and identities — are deemed inappropriate, pornographic, explicit

*There is a lot to be said about the limitations of this study and how fat people

But it is groundbreaking work that has been built upon for the last couple of decades