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Making its rounds on social media over the past two weeks is a story from The Atlantic

Students can, for example, feed the system a prompt for class and develop an essay with the

A quarter of Americans still do not have broadband internet access at home

This segment of Americans includes young people who are in school

But the fact of the matter is, this shouldn’t be the concern of the shifting face

Unless educators fess up to changing curriculum, to avoiding certain conversations in the classroom, or not recommending

To worry about AI changing English classes is to ignore the enemy already sitting in the classroom

It is to ignore the fact that there are students across the country, in vast numbers, who

It is akin to suggesting that banning books is a good thing, actually, since it’ll “sell

At the end of the day, students lose when their access to books of all kinds is

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If they write an essay or answer a prompt with AI, they’re cheating

AI essay writing as the culprit behind the death of English class is a distraction