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Best & Worst Fictional Families To Spend The Holidays With

Despite all the candles, tinsel, gifts, and pie, Americans consistently rate the holidays as the most stressful

Everyone’s trying to make the season magical, but let’s face it: many, many things about

It might be tempting to say it’s best to avoid going home for the holidays, but

Dealing with the hurt feelings and unhealed trauma that arise from — or lead to — severed family connections

If you aren’t going home for the holidays this year, please remember that you’re not

Your feelings are valid, no matter what your reasons were for cutting ties, and I wish you

From classic literature to comedy manga, here are the best and worst fictional families to spend the

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But just imagine if you had to spend the holidays with the rest of the Sohma clan —

When it comes to toxic relatives, it’s hard to get much worse than this secretive bunch

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

First published in 1877, this is the family drama to end all family dramas

Anna and her brother Stiva’s families are rife with infidelity and neglect, and all the money

Someday soon, we’re going to start hearing from the children of mommy bloggers — young adults whose

Caleb and Camille Fang would waste no time roping everyone into their holiday art stunt, which is

Coming home to parents like these just isn’t worth the risk to your own reputation

Her parents only wanted children whose disabilities they could market for free sideshow labor

The Dollangangers are the absolute worst fictional family to spend the holidays with, bar none

Locking away young children, à la Flowers in the Attic, is hardly in the holiday spirit

Mother-daughter duo Vivian and Maddie are true #FamilyGoals in Jasmine Guillory’s Royal Holiday

These two women are the kind of people you want on your side all year long

That portion of Syenite’s story is as idyllic as the Broken Earth trilogy gets, and it’

Gideon the Ninth is full of dysfunctional families, but there’s one house you might actually want

The Fifth House is home to the charming and intelligent Abigail Pent and Magnus Quinn

You can’t come away from Gideon the Ninth without thinking that, yes, the Fifth would welcome

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