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Best Cooking Memoirs | Book Riot

Or maybe it’s that they are the closest I’ll ever come to reading a memoir

Whatever it is that appeals, I always consume cooking memoirs like they themselves are food

I didn’t set out to include mostly memoirs by professional chefs, but it turned out that

Still, you’ll also find culinary historians, magazine writers, and more

Among the highlights of his career: competing on Top Chef, cooking at the White House, and opening

A classic for a reason, this memoir by the late Anthony Bourdain is required reading for anyone

Such is the case for Marcus Samuelsson, who lost his mother tragically at only 3 years old

Born in Ethiopia, he and his sister were adopted by a Swedish family — and taught a lifelong

Food is an essential part of any culture, something of which Diana Abu-Jaber is acutely aware

A combination of memoir and cookbook, this is a must-read for anyone interested in culture, belonging, and

It is possible to trace one’s heritage through food — which is precisely what culinary historian Michael

In this stunning memoir, he explores the roots of Southern cuisine and its relation to African American

Years later, as a fashion writer in her 30s, she began to long for the cuisine of

, France, Turkey, and Italy, among others, they’re all partially responsible for the journey that led to

to be awarded three Michelin stars, Dominique Crenn’s path wasn’t easy

This memoir tackles her childhood, her story of adoption, and the notoriously sexist restaurant industry in France