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Become Your Own Cheerleader: 5 Tips To Support Yourself When

The problem is: Writers want to become like Stephen king but end up becoming like Keanu Reeves

” But practicing these acts never promises you to evolve like Stephen King

Comparing your writing journey to someone who started decades before you is not a healthy comparison

Let me assure you: Numerous publishing houses denied the drafts of Jk Rowling

If you want to enhance your cheerleading career as a writer, below are 5 tips to guide you

And don’t get me started on the rebirth of an article when we’ve almost given

And what brings them to life? The one that killed them — the writer

Taking it as a baby allows writers to play with words, drop good stories, bounce from one

Apply the “baby method” to your article, which, in short, translates to:

Being the best flute singer in my high school, I was deeply saddened as I couldn’t

He uttered a statement: “Rehearse correct patterns, so you don’t have to spend too much time

There’s no need to compare yourself to people who started when you weren’t even born

I am not petrifying you — it’s the beautiful truth of life

These words are enveloped in a circle at the bottom of the book

The old example of bow departing from arrow worked in war times

To exercise self-compassion, believe that mistakes are part of our life

If you ever feel the writing career is eating you up, maybe your editor, here are a

To celebrate your success, offer yourself a present at the end of each task

Sure, you can mix and match your gift ideas by making them valuable

A reward must be beneficial for the type of work you’re doing

Instead, opt for rewards to help you hit the gym the other day

Offer yourself a paid subscription after one month of writing articles without a break

” You can designate these people as your future goals, but they’re not your competitors

Meaning that when you’re competing with someone, you should have a common ground

Parkinson’s law indicates that you make deadlines for your tasks

com suggest a framework to find and make healthy competitions

When trying to find healthy competition, I always recall the quote by Denzel Washington:

Becoming a cheerleader comes with benefits: you’re famous, stand up for yourself, and appear instantly beautiful

Stand up for yourself when the audience is sitting down and watching you — It’s all that