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AutoCrit vs ProWritingAid: Which Is Better?

Writers are lucky to live in the time of artificial intelligence

How does ProWritingAid stack up against online editing tool AutoCrit? We’ve carried out direct comparisons below

AutoCrit analyzes your writing style to offer custom feedback

The style editor provides detailed suggestions about dialogue, bland descriptions, show vs tell, passive voice, POV consistency,

You can compare your writing to many bestselling authors to help you cater to your target audience

AutoCrit is only available as an online tool, but it can be a one-stop shop for multiple

With easy chapter navigation and feedback on entire chapter pacing, you can write and edit your manuscript

Most of AutoCrit’s best features are behind a paywall, though

ProWritingAid is like a personal writing coach no matter what you write

When you use ProWritingAid, you can select your document type

Fiction writers can choose from various genres, such as fantasy, historical, or contemporary

Like AutoCrit, you can also analyze your writing against other famous authors

You’ll get feedback about style issues, pacing, clichés, overused words, sensory details, and more

You can download it onto your desktop, use it with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, add a

If you look at a side-by-side comparison of AutoCrit vs ProWritingAid, you’ll see that many of

Both offer comparisons to bestselling authors and genre-specific feedback

For example, it will look for generic descriptions, POV consistency, and paragraph variation

Freelance writers and students will also enjoy reports that highlight transitions, jargon, and acronyms

You can also use the plagiarism checker and set house rules for your specific style guides

The Word Explorer is another amazing feature in ProWritingAid

Another thing that makes ProWritingAid stand out from its competitors is the visual summary report

Business writers in particular will enjoy the text snippet feature

Quickly insert information or phrases you use often to save time

This might be customer service responses, links to your calendar, contact information, or FAQs

Both writing apps come with additional features beyond the editing tools

It’s also helpful for self-editing, so you can hear mistakes you might have missed

AutoCrit also offers services like first chapter critiques and feedback on your pitch to literary agents for

We have a blog full of helpful articles for fiction writers, freelance writers, students, business writers, and

Additionally, you can attend ProWritingAid’s free Writers’ Weeks and learn from bestselling authors

Rather than just accepting suggestions, ProWritingAid wants to help you become a better writer

You can check out in-app videos, articles, and quizzes to learn more about writing rules

It’s obvious that both ProWritingAid and AutoCrit offer some amazing features

Both ProWritingAid and AutoCrit offer some analysis for free, but ProWritingAid offers its free users many more

Nearly every editing and analysis feature is only accessible for Premium users

In fact, you can only access seven out of their dozens of reports for free

You don’t even get a summary report of your writing on the free plan

Free users don’t get any community features like guest Q&As or discussion forums

This means you can access every ProWritingAid Report for free on up to 500 words at a time

You can also get the ProWritingAid Chrome extension and Google Docs add-on for free, so you can

Our webinars, eBooks, and Writers’ Weeks are free for users as well

You definitely get the most value in ProWritingAid’s free version

To get all of AutoCrit’s features, you’ll need to subscribe either monthly or yearly

The monthly subscription is $30 and the annual is $297 a year (at the time of this article’s

Both paid subscriptions give you access to the full editing tool, as well as a private member

You can also get a discount on AutoCrit’s critique services with the Pro plan

ProWritingAid Premium gives you an unlimited word count, access to our desktop app, author comparisons, text snippets,

You also get unlimited document storage and collaboration features

Obviously, we’re partial to our own product here at ProWritingAid

We write formal emails for work and casual social media posts for our friends

ProWritingAid caters to every type of writer with one affordable subscription

You can quickly switch between document types to ensure you are being as clear and correct as

ProWritingAid also catches more grammar errors and teaches you about English grammar rules as you write

Are you ready to try out ProWritingAid for yourself to see what makes us the best?